the production hub

tph is a state-of-the-art production facility located in the dubai investment park. a full fledged shop floor with every facet of production and fabrication offered under one roof, tph services clients across categories that include fmcg, consumer durables, lifestyle products, cars to name a few. it is safe to say that tph is driven by the spirit of value addition and so our solutions help complete the communication mix designed for the brands we service. we at tph believe in the highest standards of service and quality levels. every creative brief we get is internalized meticulously by a team of highly skilled workmen and the results are there to see in every piece of fabrication we do be it pos materials, stands for exhibitions or innovative giveaways. a stringent quality control department ensures strict auditing of the output being true to the quality of artworks supplied to us.


with 6 digital machines that print on a variety of media for both indoor and outdoor purposes, tph assures the clients that we service of the best quality digital outputs backed by quick turn around times.
tph is equipped to handle all kinds of wood work including showroom fit outs. our carpentry division can deliver on the most intricate design brief with a formidable standard of finishing. 2 tier exhibition stands with wood, metal and acrylic finishing are our forte. product display units that require to be durable to handle daily wear and tear at retail are also done by this division.
our acrylic artisans can mold this versatile material into extremely premium stands and accessories. laser cutting machines ensure top notch precision and premium finishing of all our acrylic work. the sense of seamless clear walls, indoor waterfalls, glass like finish with durability can all be achieved by our team of acrylic artists.
works of art are created from this truly amazing material with very high finesse and extremely high degree of intricacy. the most complicated designs especially action characters and figures, backgrounds and landscapes are fashioned out of styro in our facility.
larger than life product models, scaled up versions of characters and objects, different kinds of furniture and accessories are some of the kinds of fabrication we do using fiberglass. brand activations usually require scaled up versions of packs and products and fiber work reigns supreme in terms of achieving finish and quality.

work / digital printing

a picture can speak a thousand works. a peek into our work that showcases some of our brands and projects across the different categories of fabrication and production.


our pride and truly the ratification of our work and commitment - our client portfolio. spanning across categories, these brands are serviced by tph, majority of them regionally.